V3.0 to V3.1 — Nimbus Affiliate Program Upgrade!

A Quick Backstory First…

  • User A has a turnover of 5700 NBU
  • User B has a turnover of 3000 NBU
  • User C has a turnover of 1000 NBU
  • User D has a turnover of 422 NBU

Additional Points to Note:

  • For the existing users, the 20% and 5% airdrops sent prior to the update: those tokens will remain vested as scheduled. However, the new airdrops will be sent directly without vesting for the new ranks and turnovers for the new ranks, and turnovers.
  • The update is only focused on the calculation and distribution mechanics of the 20% and 5% bonus airdrop. No changes have been made to the UI, except for the slider in the top middle of the interface which will be removed to avoid confusion.

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