V3.0 to V3.1 — Nimbus Affiliate Program Upgrade!

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4 min readApr 4, 2022


Hello Nimbus Community,

We’re happy to introduce Nimbus Affiliate Program 3.1. The updates make the Program better, simpler, and continue to reward those who understand and believe in Nimbus’ vision.

Without further ado, let’s just get straight into it.

A Quick Backstory First…

Nimbus Affiliate Program is groundbreaking in that it provides members with multi-tier rewards for their referrals. Over the past few months, we’ve been looking for ways in which we could make the Program even more user-friendly and dynamically rewarding. This is why the new updates are majorly focused on the reward mechanics.

The Nimbus Affiliate Program offers users 5 different types of rewards:

a) 12% bonus in NBU every time you acquire and stake tokens at the Affiliate Program website. This reward accrues in real-time and is then vested for 60 days
b) 10% bonus in NBU when your friends acquire and stake tokens at the Affiliate Program website. It has no vesting, so you can withdraw at any time
c) Up to 0.15% from the token swaps made by your friends at the Affiliate Program website
d) 60% APY for Staking your NBUs — versus a maximum of 40% APY that is available at the core Nimbus Platform for those who aren’t part of the Affiliate Program. The rewards get accrued in real-time and can be withdrawn at any moment. The staked sum itself can be withdrawn 60 days after it was added to Staking — or any time later.
e) Airdrops of up to 25% in NBU of the total amount staked by your network. You can receive these airdrops as you become more and more involved in the Program. It is important that you know that the 25% bonus consists of two separate segments:
-> 20% regular airdrop bonus awarded to members when they pass each rank
-> 5% one-time airdrop bonus given from rank 7 when users qualify the given requirements

Now that you have a better perspective, let’s talk about the updates.

What’s New in Affiliate Program v3.1?

From the list above — the computation and distribution mechanics of the reward that included bonus airdrop awarded per rank and 5% one-time airdrop, i.e 20%, have been upgraded.

Down below is a birds-eye view of the differences between Affiliate Program v3.0 and v3.1:

Update 1: No Vesting Period

In the older version (3.0) both 5% one-time bonus and 20% regular bonus per rank were awarded to eligible users, but it remained vested for 3 months in their wallets.

However, now with Affiliate Program 3.1, this bonus is credited to the user for their achievements without any vesting period.

Update 2: Dominant Branch Rule Redacted

A dominant branch is an individual referral whose staking turnover is more than 50% of the total turnover of that rank.


For a referee of rank 7:

  • User A has a turnover of 5700 NBU
  • User B has a turnover of 3000 NBU
  • User C has a turnover of 1000 NBU
  • User D has a turnover of 422 NBU

For the older version of the Affiliate Program, the dominant branch was excluded from the 25% airdrop.

There is no such rule in the new version (v3.1), and the total turnover, including the dominant branch, is taken into account to calculate the 5% one-time airdrop.

Update 3 — Bonus Calculated for the Entire Referral Tree

In the older Program version (v3.0), the 20% bonus was calculated starting from line 6 of the referral tree. In the new version (v3.1), the bonus airdrop is calculated from the entire depth of the referral tree.

Similarly, the 5% one-time bonus was calculated from line 6 of the referral tree in the older version (v3.0). In the new version (v3.1) it is calculated from the entire depth of the referral tree.

Additional Points to Note:

  • For the existing users, the 20% and 5% airdrops sent prior to the update: those tokens will remain vested as scheduled. However, the new airdrops will be sent directly without vesting for the new ranks and turnovers for the new ranks, and turnovers.
  • The update is only focused on the calculation and distribution mechanics of the 20% and 5% bonus airdrop. No changes have been made to the UI, except for the slider in the top middle of the interface which will be removed to avoid confusion.

Are You Missing out on These Rewards?

With the new update, we have ensured that the users get rewarded for their participation and contributions at every single step possible.

The Program is a perfect opportunity for users to put their otherwise static tokens to use. And most importantly, introduce the world of decentralized finance via its easiest access point- Nimbus!

If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate Program member but don’t know where to start, these resources can help:

A step-by-step guide on how to participate in the Affiliate Program — Here

What are the different rewards offered in the Affiliate Program — Here



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