The time is finally upon us! We are excited to make this announcement today!

We understand that you have been awaiting this moment — and so have we. The extra time that we took was necessary as it helped us fine-tune our smart contracts which were vetted by Zokyo with good score and create solid implementations to ensure the smoothest transition and operations possible in the future.

Without further ado, here is the final schedule for our upcoming product releases

  • The Nimbus Platform Launch on the Test-Net:

Date: 22, January 2021
Time: 6 PM CET

The test-net is the first stage of our official Platform launch. The release of the demo version on the Test-Net aims to help our users get a feel of the Platform experience that is coming up, shortly. As an important reminder, this is not the actual final version of the Platform with all functionality enabled but more of a test drive for you to familiarize with the dashboard and other functionalities. We highly recommend that you take a close look at the interface and it won’t be too long until the actual Nimbus Platform is live. Until then, the Test-Net will ensure that you already know your way around!

  • The Public Launch of the Nimbus Platform and NBU token on the Main-net:

Date: 27, January 2021
Time: 8 am CET

Here is what the Official Launch of the Nimbus Platform and the NBU token on the Main-net means for our users:

  • Swap ANY amount of NBU in a single click.
  • Enhance the benefits of your NBU acquisition with a stakin reward of up to 12% APY! You’ll already see the available options after our test-net launch.
  • Join the Nimbus Referral Program! With it, you can enjoy three types of rewards:

10% from your Referees’ token acquisition
Up to 0,15% from Referee’s token swaps
Additionally, 7% APY on the Staking of your tokens

  • The brand new NBU Airdrop to existing users:

Date: 27, January 2021
Time: 8 am CET

We had to update and relaunch our smart contracts for better efficiency, compliance, and perfect operations in the long run. Please, find the link to the NBU smart contracts here
So now we need to launch a brand-new NBU airdrop! We know you have a few questions. Let us explain.

Here is what the new NBU airdrop means for our existing users:

• The present NBU tokens in your wallet will be locked.
• The presently locked tokens will be swiftly replaced by the fresh NBU token.
• The name of the new tokens shall remain the same — NBU.
• The terms and conditions remain the same as before, meaning everything pertaining to the new NBU token, except the new version will be airdropped with an upgraded smart contract.

We will send you the instruction how to add NBU Token to your MetaMask wallet in the next communications

Come ride the DeFi Wave with Nimbus and stay tuned for further details!

Your Nimbus Team

For any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on:

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