Smart LP n-NFT — welcome the first yield-generating NFT of its kind!

What’s so special about the Smart LP n-NFT — and how can you benefit from it?

But Smart LP n-NFT solves this issue:

  1. Users can receive rewards both from Lending, Liquidity Providing and LP Staking simultaneously — in one click. Plus you only pay a tiny gas fee once when you acquire it. All you need is at least 1 BNB and an internet connection to get started.
  2. Since Smart LP n-NFT provides access to several dApps at once, it also mitigates risks by diversifying your rewards and assets. So even if you’re not such a pro in Liquidity Providing, the Smart LP n-NFT has your back!
  3. Finally, unlike other NFTs, it brings you rewards in real-time no need to sell or burn your n-NFT to cash out!

But why do we call it an NFT — and how exactly does it work?

Here’s exactly how the Smart LP n-NFT works:

  • Nimbus Pool and LP Staking sections:
    70% of the supplied assets get provided as liquidity to the Nimbus Swap: to BNB/NBU and BNB/GNBU pairs. Then, the received LP tokens — which represent your liquidity get automatically staked in the LP Staking. As a result, the holder receives 2 types of rewards:
  • a share of the 0,3% of all swaps taking place in these two pairs,
  • 100% APY on the staked LP tokens.
    The former accrues in BNB, NBU, and GNBU, while the latter — in NBU only. The both types of the rewards accrue in real-time. You will be able to withdraw swap fee rewards only once you burn your n-NFT, LP Staking rewards can be withdrawn any time.
  • Nimbus Lend dApp:
    The remaining 30% of the assets go to the Lend dApp. There, they are provided as overcollateralized loans — meaning your assets are safe. The n-NFT holder receives yields based on the APR rate, which as of today, equals 17%. That’s above market average! But it may change depending on the market conditions.
    These rewards will accrue in BNB in real-time but you will be able to withdraw them only once you burn your n-NFT.

Summing up, what do you receive as a Smart LP n-NFT holder?

The Smart LP n-NFT is a personalized, tokenized portfolio that’s bringing you yields every second. Try it out at Nimbus Platform now



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