Roadmap Update: Faster Expansion on BSC and new Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp

Before launching any and every Nimbus functionality, your Nimbus Team does an extensive analysis of the best periods and conditions in the market. The analysis is done solely to align the launches with the most suitable time within the market and create the best of opportunities possible for our community.

Following a recent exploration, we have decided that it shall be logical to release the Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp to the public later. The code will be released at the end of Q2, and the functionality will be available at the Nimbus Platform as soon as the code is checked by the auditors — likely, at the very beginning of Q3.

By now, we shall focus on other developments which will bring the community much more utility than the Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp at this point in time.

Here are a few reasons why the Arbitrage-Trading dApp wouldn’t bring much value to you in the current market conditions:

  • The bullish market makes arbitrage less efficient overall:
    With every market condition and new functionality — exists a grey area. The bull market is indeed quite a pleasant opportunity for many Nimbus users. However, historical data shows that arbitrage opportunities do not see much viability in such a market. Not to mention there is a concerning lack of effective arbitrage strategies in this environment.
  • High gas fees make the few remaining arbitrage strategies worthless:
    But the bullish market is not such a big issue even if it indeed makes many arbitrage strategies inefficient. What truly matters is that even if we employ strategies that still somehow work, the exorbitant gas fees of the Ethereum network will ruin it. Meaning instead of the expected rewards, users would sometimes face losses instead.
    This is where our integration with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) comes in extremely handy. As soon as Nimbus is employed on both blockchain, there will be many more arbitrage opportunities, and the dApp will make more sense for our users.

Following these reasons, let us focus on what brings most utility to you today: the Binance Smart Chain integration and the Lending-Borrowing dApp

The expansion to the Binance Smart Chain is the most effective strategy that completely eliminates the imminent problem of high gas fees on Ethereum. Not only that, but it also brings you the convenience of faster transactions, exposure to a broader DeFi environment, and so much more. So even though initially, this wasn’t in our roadmap, we’re more than sure that it is worth the time and effort, even if it slightly affects the timeline.

Moreover, due to the postponing of the Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp, the BSC integration shall occur earlier than expected — within the next month and a half! And then, once it’s live, the Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp shall have the perfect territory to come to life and bring the best of its benefits to you.

By the way, check our previous Medium post to refresh the top four reasons why you should be excited about this expansion to BSC!

Finally, there is another dApp that would bring much more value to the community at this point in time: the Nimbus Lending-Borrowing dApp. It is a fantastic opportunity in a bullish market. The dApp’s smart contracts are already present on GitHub, and the audit is ongoing — you can read about it in our yesterday’s post. Moreover, in our latest analysis, we’ve noticed many new ways to further improve the Lending-Borrowing dApp and enhance its functionality — which also takes time. Hence, it is logical to focus on its launch now and let our community enjoy the momentum.

The best things are still ahead!

Summing up, the time left for the Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp to go live is truly not much. But it is enough to bring the dApp with its highest potential in the right environment. Until then, we shall focus on what truly matters today: our expansion to BSC and the P2P Lending/Borrowing dApp.

P.S. Make use of the waiting time — enjoy the increased NBU staking rewards!

With the recently increased staking reward levels, you can make the most of this waiting time! Only for the upcoming ~2 months, you can enjoy up to 40% APY on your NBUs - so don’t miss out, stake some now:!




DAO-governed platform that offers 16 earning strategies for users boosted by multiple layers of risk-management.

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Nimbus Platform

DAO-governed platform that offers 16 earning strategies for users boosted by multiple layers of risk-management.

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