Roadmap Update: Faster Expansion on BSC and new Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp

Here are a few reasons why the Arbitrage-Trading dApp wouldn’t bring much value to you in the current market conditions:

  • The bullish market makes arbitrage less efficient overall:
    With every market condition and new functionality — exists a grey area. The bull market is indeed quite a pleasant opportunity for many Nimbus users. However, historical data shows that arbitrage opportunities do not see much viability in such a market. Not to mention there is a concerning lack of effective arbitrage strategies in this environment.
  • High gas fees make the few remaining arbitrage strategies worthless:
    But the bullish market is not such a big issue even if it indeed makes many arbitrage strategies inefficient. What truly matters is that even if we employ strategies that still somehow work, the exorbitant gas fees of the Ethereum network will ruin it. Meaning instead of the expected rewards, users would sometimes face losses instead.
    This is where our integration with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) comes in extremely handy. As soon as Nimbus is employed on both blockchain, there will be many more arbitrage opportunities, and the dApp will make more sense for our users.

Following these reasons, let us focus on what brings most utility to you today: the Binance Smart Chain integration and the Lending-Borrowing dApp

The best things are still ahead!

P.S. Make use of the waiting time — enjoy the increased NBU staking rewards!



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