Reverse launch order and new approach to announcements

Hey Nimbus Community,

We have 2 important updates today!

First of all, the Lending-Borrowing dApp and the P2P Exchange will be launched in a reverse order. The P2P Exchange will be deployed next week (the goal is July 13) and the Lending-Borrowing dApp will follow later, at the end of July. The reason is that we need to polish a couple more things in the Borrowing dApp but the P2P Exchange is already good to go.

Second, we know how tiring it is to wait. Really! And since Nimbus is an ever growing cross-chain solution and the launch timelines are becoming even harder to predict — we have decided to change our approach.

From now onwards, we’ll be announcing two key milestones leading to official launches so you can stay in the loop:

1) The timing of the code release onto GitHub:
This is the moment when we finalize the initial code and pass it on to the auditors. As soon as they provide recommendations, we start polishing the code — which may take a while. But at least at this point you guys know that the initial code is ready and it’s all about improving it!

2) The timing of the functionality deployment on the mainnet:
Since the deployment may take a while (as it was in the case of the BSC integration), announcing the actual launch time may be not so practical. Instead, we’ll be announcing the official time when the deployment begins. This way you know that the launch has started and the functionality is going to become available shortly after, depending on its complexity. And as soon as it’s live — you’ll get notified!

Summing up: lessons learned — and we promise to do our best to keep you in the loop! We hope this way, we can avoid confusion and ensure everybody’s prepared for what’s coming.

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