Hey Nimbus Community,

We have 2 great news for today!🤩

The Loans dApp is almost ready for the launch!🎉 The code will be uploaded to Nimbus Github by March 24 — you will find it here: https://github.com/nimbusplatformorg

Moreover, if you’ve been tracking our account lately, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve already published one more functionality batch: the P2P Exchange!😎 As soon as we receive the final audit report, you’ll be the first to try it out and see how much it has in store!

Let’s start with a bit of insight on the P2P Exchange:

✅P2P exchange will enable you to exchange tokens on your own terms directly with other users in a fully automated and secure manner.

Wondering why we’re introducing it along with the Nimbus internal Swap machine? Because it encompasses several unique features that will let you:

👉Propose your own exchange terms and token value regardless of the market conditions — while on the Nimbus Swap or any other DEX & CEX, the token exchange rate is pre-set for you.

👉Exchange tokens without any limitation on the number of tokens you’d like to exchange or the price slippage — now you can forget about the lack of liquidity that is common for DEX🥳

👉Enjoy full anonymity without compromising the security since the Nimbus smart contracts will take over the role of the escrow agent in the Exchange, while both sides can stay anonymous. No KYC or whatsoever!🔝

👉Oh, and no extra transaction fees when you are interacting with the exchange. Woah!!🔥

As a result, the Nimbus P2P exchange completes the exchange mechanism series on the Nimbus Platform. Both of these exchanges work synergistically, allowing you to enjoy the best opportunities according to your needs!

Make sure to check it out as soon as we have the green light from the auditors. We’re sure it will come in extremely handy for all of you keen to trade in the best conditions ever!😎

Nimbus Team

Nimbus is a DAO-governed ecosystem of dApps which generate multiple revenue streams based on real-world use cases — from P2P lending to IPOs & Crowdfunding.

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