Nimbus Staking Reward Increase — Earn up to 80% APY before June 25!

The current market conditions have been rather mellow. To offer you an exciting relief from the bearish market, we are introducing a strong gesture!

The Staking rewards are lifted even higher until 25 June 2021!⚡️🤩

•NBU Hard Staking for 180 days — 80% APY
•NBU Hard Staking for 60 days — 60% APY
•NBU Soft Staking — 10% APY

•GNBU Hard Staking for 180 days — 36% APY
•GNBU Hard Staking for 90 days — 28% APY
•GNBU Soft Staking — 10% APY

Increased Staking conditions:

  1. The Increased APY will be accessible BOTH at the Ethereum and BSC versions of the Platform until 25 June 2021.
  2. After June 25, the APY will go back to the current levels — and so will your rewards! Meaning, we BOTH prolongate the initial up to 40% APY program even longer than until June 25 AND offer you another 15 days of even higher rewards of up to 80% APY!🥳
  3. However, for the automatic staking of the tokens acquired through the “Referral” section of the platform, the newly increased APY will be active for the ENTIRE staking period! Meaning, if you acquire NBU through the Referral section anytime before June 25, they will get automatically staked at 60% APY and provide increased rewards for the entire 60 days — even after June 25

1. The 10% Token Acquisition reward
2. And up to 0,15% Swap reward
So don’t miss this occasion, folks! Acquire some NBU and get your friends to join the Referral program

P.S. Soon, we will update the Staking guide and release a new Referral Program guide — stay tuned!

Don’t wait any longer — get your Rewards NOW!🤩

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