Building a solid community behind an ambitious project

What is Nimbus?

Nimbus is an established Fintech company with more than a year-long track-record of delivering blockchain-based financial tools.

Now, we are launching a new DeFi platform that shall provide 10 Reward Channels for users based on IPOs, Crowdfunding, Crypto Arbitrage-Trading, and P2P Loans participation. All in one DAO-governed ecosystem accessible via one token: NBU, the native utility token that acts as a key to all platform solutions. Find out more info at our website:

Together with the Platform launch on January 27, 2021, we shall introduce a new Referral Program in order to enhance users’ motivation and incentivize the faster building of a solid community.

Why do we launch the new Referral Program?

As you may know, our platform is driven by the participation of our community members. We created this Program as a point where you can interact with Nimbus and fellow members to tighten the bonds within the community as well as to familiarize you with the different ways of how you can enhance your benefits of NBU acquisition.

Besides the apparent advantages of this referral program for each participant, we hope that this event will create one more incentive for all the right people to come and join the platform. As the community grows, so does the demand for the Nimbus token, creating a ripple effect and benefiting the community on a higher scale.

So eventually, the Referral Program is purely in the interest of the Nimbus community — both of those participating in the Program and those who don’t. Now let’s see why you should belong to the former group!

How can Referral Program participants benefit?

With Nimbus Referral Program, you can receive 3 types of Rewards from up to 6 levels of Referees:

1. Token Acquisition Reward: a 10% Reward from token acquisition done by Referees at the first level;

2. Swap Reward: up to 0,15% Reward from the inner Swap transactions done by Referees at the entire 6 levels;

3. An additional benefit of 7% APY for staking your NBU tokens.

In order to enter the Program and receive all these rewards, you need to acquire $250 worth of NBU, which then get staked for 60 days.

Below, you can find more info on each particular Reward type:

1. Token Acquisition Reward:

Once your first-level Referee gets activated, you shall start receiving the Token Acquisition Rewards from each sum of NBU that he/she acquires via the Referral section of the Nimbus Platform.

1. Reward Base:
The NBU sum acquired by your first-level Referees via the Referral section

2. Reward Rate:
10% from the full acquisition sum

Reward Allocation and Withdrawal:
These Rewards will be allocated to you daily, with each being locked for 2 months and then gradually automatically released by the smart contract in portions of 20% per month over the course of 5 months.
Here is an example: if your Referee acquired 1,000 NBU via the Referral section on March 1st, a Reward of 100 NBU gets allocated to you straight away. In 2 months, on May 1st, the first 20% of this Reward (20 NBU) start being unlocked in your wallet in daily portions of 20 NBU divided by the number of days in that month. This means you can withdraw a sum of 20 NBU / 31 = 0,645 NBU every day in May — or you can just let these NBUs accumulate in your wallet and withdraw them later. Then, during June, another 20% (20 NBU) can be withdrawn in the same manner. And so on.

2. Swap Reward:

Once your Referee at any of the 6 levels gets activated, you also start receiving up to 0,15% Rewards from all token swaps he/she makes via the Swap section of the Nimbus Platform.

1. Reward Base:
The NBU sum swapped via the Swap section of the Platform by your Referees at up to 6 levels

2. Reward Allocation and Withdrawal:
These Rewards get allocated to you in real-time and can be withdrawn at any time given that the withdrawal amount is higher than the Gas.

3. Reward Rate:
The percentage of each Reward depends on the Referee’s level and is calculated as illustrated below:

3. Staking Reward:

When you acquire NBU tokens via the Referral section to activate your participation, they get automatically staked for 60 days at 7% APY. Note that during the specified staking period the staked NBUs cannot be withdrawn. Then, after the 60 days, you are free to either continue staking, choose another staking option, or keep them in your wallet. But remember that you need to keep the required sum of NBU to continue to participate and receive the rewards.

1. Reward Base:
The amount of NBU that you have staked (the accumulated Rewards are not counted here)

2. Reward Rate:
7% APY during the 60-day staking

3. Reward Allocation and Withdrawal:
Staking Rewards get allocated to you in fractions in real-time. You can withdraw the accumulated Rewards any time as long as the withdrawal amount is higher than the Gas fee.

Keen to join? Check out more details on how to do that at our website

Don’t forget to join in on January 27th — the rewards are awaiting!

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