NIMBUS P2P exchange! A Critical Step in Disintermediation of Fintech

We’re excited to see the Nimbus network growing everyday. While the user network is growing; we’ve been focused on maximizing the functionalities of our internal network ecosystem, and internal economy of our users.

We created a close-exchange where the users can acquire and exchange the tokens between the Nimbus network users; with no conditionality. We as facilitators of this functionality shall not be charging for any gas fees for acquiring and exchange of the tokens between the users.

We created this P2P Exchange based on the projected demand from the Nimbus Community and to further strengthen the internal economy of our ecosystem. The pilot version of the application was beta tested; and are delighted with the results. We hope that the convenience, ease of use, and intuitive user experience excite you as well; and as always, we’re looking forward to getting your feedback as to how we can improve the experience on the platform.

The first iteration of our P2P application contains the essential functions that are fundamental to further develop and transform our suite of future applications into an internal holistic ecosystem for NIMBUS users.

We have simplified the mechanism four counterparties — acquiring and exchanging tokens between the users with some nuances that are described below:

Visibility Zone: This functionality in the P2P application allows our users to create order options (acquire and exchange) at a value not lower than the value present on Nimbus. In a traditional market, this would be the same as Best Bid Offer but only internal to Nimbus. The users can choose a type of interaction from any of the following three categories:

  1. Direct Order: This is a direct interaction between two users. To execute such an order, a user needs to fill the appropriate fields including the referral ID of the counterparty. The counterparty receives a notification about the request for an interaction. The interaction is automatically executed.

We have thought out the functionalities of the application to its smallest details for a superior user experience; and have back-tested the overall codes. For example, every interaction between two users creates an instant withdrawal / deposit command for instancious posting on the user’s portfolio.

From our perspective, the first iteration of the P2P application is crucial to the future developments on the platform. Without it, our plans are just inconceivable, including P2P future instruments, or the functioning of forward-contracts placed on IPO HUB, and many other things.



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