Nimbus Guide: How to Connect to Binance Smart Chain — and Pay ~15 Times less in Gas Fees?

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5 min readJun 10, 2021

Following the Nimbus Platform launch on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), we know many of you have a lot of questions.

In this post, we will provide the answers to the key ones:

  1. How to access the BSC version of the Nimbus Platform?
  2. How to switch between the Ethereum and BSC versions of the Platform?
  3. How to see your NBU & GNBU tokens of the BEP-20 standard?

But before we do that, let us quickly remind you WHY you cannot miss this opportunity — and why we initiated this integration in the first place.

Why you should definitely use Nimbus on BSC — and get some fresh NBU & GNBU tokens of BEP-20 standard?

This integration opens up a lot of opportunities — besides solving some obvious inconveniences such as crazy gas fees on the Ethereum network.

  1. What opportunities BSC brings to token holders do read this short post! We’re sure you’ll get as excited as we are!
    Here is a hint: this integration means MASSIVE growth opportunities in terms of the user base — and more demand for Nimbus tokens!😉
  2. Wondering what is the actual difference in how the two versions of the Platform work? You might want to read this post to find out!
    In short — the gas fees are ~15X lower, tokens that power the Platform are different, and some dApp usage conditions will differ, too.
  3. Why BEP-20 NBU & GNBU tokens deserve your attention — and your swaps?
    Since the BSC version of the Platform becomes the top #1 priority for the coming months, the growth potential of the BEP-20 versions is much higher compared to the ERC-20 now. Especially considering the upcoming listing on PancakeSwap (the biggest DEX on BSC!), the launches of 2 dApps, and the expansion in Asia, where most users prefer BSC. But overall, the tokenomics and use cases stay the same as for the tokens’ ERC-20 versions.
    Here’s a great post about how you can diversify your revenues by simply holding GNBU — give it a read! The BEP-20 version of GNBU is even cooler😎

We bet now you really want to access the BSC versions of the Nimbus solutions? Then go ahead and get some BEP-20 tokens now!

Still not sure how? Then take a look at the instructions below:

1. How to access the BSC Version of the Nimbus Platform?

In order to access the Nimbus Platform on Binance Smart Chain, all you need to do is connect your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain network. The Platform’s interface will adapt automatically.

We recommend using the MetaMask wallet as it can be used to access both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain versions of the Platform. All you’ll need to do to switch between the two versions is simply switch the networks in your MetaMask with a click of a button!

1️⃣ Open the MetaMask wallet on your desktop or mobile device

2️⃣ Go to wallet settings

3️⃣ In the settings, select the “Networks” option

4️⃣ Select the “Add network” button and enter the following information

- Network name: BSC Mainnet
- New RPC URL: or
- ChainID: 56
- Symbol: BNB
- Block explorer URL:

5️⃣ Once you’re done, open your MetaMask again and select the newly added BSC Mainnet network (it’s called “Smart Chain”) to get connected to the BSC network and see the respective data about your BEP-20 standard tokens.


Now, if you open the Nimbus Platform (you may need to refresh the page), the upper menu will indicate which network you are connected to. On the Screenshot below, you can see it’s Binance Smart Chain.

2. How to switch between the Ethereum and BSC versions of the Platform?

Once you’ve configured your MetaMask wallet as explained above, all you need to do to switch between the Platform versions is simply open your MetaMask wallet and pick the desired network: “Ethereum Mainnet” or “Smart Chain”!

Once you’ve switched between the networks, the Platform interface will react automatically and show you the name of the connected network in the menu above. If not — try to refresh the page.

The key differences between the two platform versions are described in our previous post.

3. How to see your NBU & GNBU tokens of BEP-20 standard?

In order to see these tokens in your MetaMask, you need to:

1️⃣ Switch to the Binance Smart Chain network in your Metamask

2️⃣ Make sure you’ve added NBU & GNBU (BEP-20) tokens to your MetaMask — otherwise, your wallet simply will not “see” them.

Here’s how you can add them:
1. In MetaMask, Click on “Add Token”
2. Open the “Custom Token” tab and copy the token smart contract address in the first box (the rest will appear automatically, as shown in the screenshot below):
NBU —0x5f20559235479F5B6abb40dFC6f55185b74E7b55
GNBU — 0xA4d872235dde5694AF92a1d0df20d723E8e9E5fC

3. Click on “Next” and then “Add Tokens”

Now you should see the new BEP-20 standard NBU and GNBU tokens in your Wallet.

Remember: if you’d like to see your assets of the BEP-20 standard (e.g. the newly launched NBU & GNBU or BNB), you need to connect to the BSC in your wallet to see the information about them. If you’d like to see the ERC-20 tokens in your wallet — you need to switch back to the Ethereum Mainnet network.

Still have some questions?

Feel free to talk to our community managers in our Official Telegram chats:

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Now go ahead and SWAP some NBU & GNBU in the Nimbus Swap! While the early-mover advantage is still on the table 😉



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