Nimbus Event Highlights — Strategic Team Session in Dubai, AIBC Summit, and Nimbus Private Dinner!

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6 min readJun 3, 2021


Welcome to the Nimbus Event Dubai highlights!

While many events are simultaneously occurring in the DeFi terrain, the month of May here at Nimbus has been incredible. Why do we say that? You shall see in a moment!

Today, we feel proud to show you a glimpse of all the events around Nimbus’s expo in Dubai! This was a time of mainstream visibility for Nimbus. Our efforts helped Nimbus gain tremendous coverage and traction for the months to come! So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Nimbus Team Strategic Offsite: 16–24 May 2021

Much like our ever-growing community, the Nimbus team continues to rapidly grow bigger to cover more and more activities. We are proud to have a family of over 50 team members, all with one mindset — Community prosperity and offering the best there is to be offered in the market!

In May, we reached a tipping point in this growth where we needed to streamline our operations, synchronize visions, and finalize strategies to continue moving forward as a whole.

Hence we decided to organize an offsite for almost the entire team to work towards mass adoption, developing new products on the Nimbus platform, and curating strategies so that you can benefit more from your NBU and GNBU tokens.

To reach that, we conducted over 15 strategic sessions with the following goals:

  1. Streamline Nimbus operations to help us scale smoothly and deliver new solutions faster.
  2. Strategize on key short- and mid-term business development plans: listings, partnerships, licensing, and so on.
  3. Finalize plans for the numerous upcoming launches — including Nimbus’s deployment on Binance Smart Chain, PancakeSwap listing, the launch of the Lending-Borrowing dApp, P2P Exchange, Mobile apps, and so on.
  4. Conceptualize new Nimbus solutions to address extremely high demand both in DeFi and the traditional financial world. As soon as we finalize all the documentation internally — you will be first to know what those amazing products are!
  5. Develop growth-hacking strategies for local markets, especially Turkey, Russia (CIS), South Korea, and China. Many of you may have already read about the new advisors who have recently joined the Nimbus Team. But if you haven’t check out the new Nimbus advisors, go check it now 👉 here!

Those were extremely busy 10 days — but hey, now we’re all set for … ACTION!😎

Dubai AIBC Summit 2021–25–26th May 2021

Considering almost our entire team was in Dubai, why not let the world meet all of us at a major industry event: AIBC Summit? 😉

The AIBC Dubai Summit is a leading global event for blockchain, AI, Crypto, DeFi, Fintech, and all emerging technological innovations. The event gathers an elite selection of over a thousand attendees including top crypto organizations, policymakers, investment funds, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders from all over the globe.

While exhibiting at the Nimbus booth and networking at the conference, we realized that we had distributed 900+ Nimbus business cards and over 1000 branded merch items, including our pitch decks. That says something about the scope of the summit and the efficiency of our awesome colleagues💪

The demand was over the roof, folks! The event was especially wholesome as we developed multiple keen connections with some outstanding exchanges, listing platforms, influencers, liquidity providers, and more.

Some highlights from the Dubai AIBC Summit 2021👇

Nimbus was also a sponsor of the highly hyped “NFT Platform of the Year Award” section of the official AIBC Gala Dinner. The gala dinner was the key part of the event, with only a select few exclusive attendees, including the top Nimbus management team.

We are happy to say that our CEO, Jorge Sebastiao, smoothly stole the spotlight at the Gala Dinner’s Award Ceremony. Why don’t you see for yourself, as our beloved CEO receives the — “Middle East’s Most Impactful person of the Year” Award!

The Nominees 👇

The Winner — Jorge Sebastiao 👇

The Applause 👇

And now for the Private Dinner hosted by your very own Nimbus!

Nimbus Private Dinner: The DeFi Exposé — 27th of May 2021

As the Dubai AIBC Summit came to an end, Nimbus extended a strong gesture — Nimbus Private Dinner: the DeFi Exposé. The dinner was held at the Conrad Hotel, Dubai, attended by established personalities from the blockchain, Crypto, DeFi, and Traditional Finance realms including some of the most prominent local and international family offices.

Here are a few reasons why this was an event of major importance for Nimbus growth:

  1. The main goal of holding an exclusive dinner was to develop new partnerships and engage more exposure for Nimbus across all leading verticals under one single roof. The collaborations and business relationships developed during our private dinner will play an important role in bringing diverse growth to the Nimbus platform and its role in the DeFi market.
  2. We also took the dinner as a strategic opportunity to conduct a soft pre-launch event in the wake of bringing more exposure to the upcoming launches.
  3. Finally, Nimbus is rapidly gaining traction in the Middle East crypto market and it was strategically important to engage local stakeholders in Nimbus vision. Following that, we plan to launch new functionalities exclusive to this region and develop a much stronger standing in the Middle East market.

Here are a few moments captured at the Nimbus Private dinner –

What’s next? Implementation!

All the hard work in strategizing, planning, networking, and spreading the word about Nimbus out there has set a new benchmark for us in terms of activity, business development, and future partnerships.

Now that the extroverted part of the strategy has been rendered, we are moving on towards more of the behind-the-scenes tasks, propelling the upcoming launches, and surely, our community will soon hold the fruitful bearings of all the efforts made. So expect real action SOON!

Update: Here’s a sneak peek into how Nimbus Private Dinner went!



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