New Nimbus Roadmap: Here’s What We Have Planned for 2023

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3 min readMar 31, 2023

10+ new additions and updates coming to the ecosystem.

Hey Nimbus Citizen!

We know it’s been a while since we’ve been in touch, but we’re happy to introduce our updated roadmap today.

We’ve refined our game plan going forward and would like to share it with you along with other important updates.

Here’s the new roadmap:

Many new additions to the Nimbus ecosystem and major updates are planned to be released this year. Let’s break it down…

In Q2, 2023

  • Nimbus Swap 2.0: We’re significantly improving the security of the Swap by adding arbitrage protection. Also, a 0.15% swap fee will be introduced and distributed among liquidity providers.
  • Smart Swap n-NFT: A new addition to the Nimbus NFT franchise that will focus on Liquidity Providing and come with exciting new features.
  • Payment Gateway: The community asked for it, and now we’re delivering. Directly engage with Nimbus products using fiat.
  • Nimbus Library: Do you like learning what’s new in crypto or DeFi? We’re introducing a hub to give you the latest news, events, and guides in the industry. Quizzes with rewards are included.

In Q3, 2023

  • Nimbus DAO: The opportunity is coming to have your say on the future of Nimbus. You’ll also receive rewards for holding Nimbus Governance Tokens.
  • Nimbus Bonds Mechanism: We’re implementing the traditional finance derivative “bonds” into our DeFi ecosystem and leveraging NFTs to do so.
  • Wrap Machine 2.0: This update will include 5 more blockchains for users to move their tokens between. Soon, you’ll no longer be limited to Ethereum and the BNB Smart Chain.

In Q4, 2023

  • Mobile App 2.0 with Nimbus Wallet: The Nimbus Mobile App is finally coming to the iOS app store along with the introduction of Nimbus Wallet.
  • Lend & Borrow dApps: Consolidated and subordinated loans will be added.
  • Nimbus Meta-chain: We’re taking an interoperable approach to the future of our ecosystem by adding 5 more blockchains.
  • Status Recording NFT: A new feature we’ll reveal soon.

The right product development and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. That being said, there hasn’t been any new livestreams at the moment as we’re still working on a more detailed presentation to give you in the nearest future.

Now, here are the updates regarding dApps and decisions in our ecosystem:

An Update on the Lend & Borrow dApp

On December 1st, 2022, we had a live stream where we announced planning to fix the rates for the Lend & Borrow dApp. It hasn’t been updated yet, as it’s now being postponed to Q4 2023 for a few reasons.

Firstly, navigating through the harsh market conditions caused us to manage liquidity conservatively. To launch a Lend & Borrow dApp and conduct correct market reads requires significant liquidity. Secondly, we’d like to rebuild our interfaces to make DeFi drastically easier to use. Only 4.2% of the globe owns cryptocurrency, and it’s our mission to rebrand the future of DeFi as a welcoming and straightforward finance environment. The following reason for delaying the Lend & Borrow update is due to crafting a strategic approach to attract borrowers so consistent activity is taking place consecutively.

Despite the delayed update, we’re taking the necessary steps to bring you a working Lend & Borrow dApp in Q4 2023.

Some Changes Might Be Needed In This Update

Initially, we planned to list GNIMB on CEXs in Q1 2023, as stated in a December live stream. After analyzing the potential outcomes of listing GNIMB on exchanges, we have decided to prioritize NIMB.

Right now, we want concentrated liquidity for the pools, and sticking to listing only NIMB on CEXs accomplishes that for the time being.

Other than that, we’re determined to expand the Nimbus ecosystem and make it a DeFi superpower this year. With all the upcoming features in the roadmap, we take a step closer to providing you with a beyond-the-curve edition of DeFi.

Expect more content about product updates soon.



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