GNBU is Listed on Uniswap — Thrilling Opportunities Await!

Hey Nimbus Community,

GNBU is officially live on Uniswap!🥳🥳🥳

You can swap GNBU within 2 pairs:

  1. ETH/GNBU —
  2. NBU/GNBU —
  1. Swapping GNBU at exchange — especially before the exchange rates level out😉 Benefit from the Uniswap and the internal Nimbus swapdifferences to start with!
  2. Receiving cuts from more than 10 revenue streams generated by the 4 Nimbus dApps — Peer-to-peer Lending dApp, IPO Hub dApp, Crowdfunding dApp, and Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp. Yes — all at once! Plus as more dApps get integrated to the Platform, holders shall receive cuts from them, too!🚀
  3. The ultimate power to govern the Nimbus platform and design it according to your needs. Want to enhance pool APY levels? Sure! Want to change the transaction fee levels? Why not! All of this and much more will be decided by you only, GNBU holders!💪
  4. Multi-tier risk mitigation to ensure even more stable earnings while holding GNBU😎
  5. Benefits at the intersection of crypto and traditional financial markets as Nimbus gets listed on a top North American stock exchange💎

The statistic shows that GNBU is on the right track to grown steadily to greater heights, so don’t miss this opportunity, especially when the first-mover advantage sits right at the table!

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