First Nimbus CEO Leaves After Achieving Milestone

Following the successful launch of our Phase I roadmap, Andrea, our first CEO is leaving Nimbus to return to his activities in the capital markets. We speak on behalf of the Nimbus team, and the user community when we say we’re sad to see him leave; and we’re grateful for his dedication in putting the mechanism of Nimbus, including its formation, and assembling of the technical and development team behind Nimbus.

As a matter of background, Andrea was part of the team equipped with the task to set up Nimbus Platform, and the required foundational Infrastructure. As such, his name appears in submissions to the Malta Business Registry. In addition to entity formation, and company setup, Andrea was responsible for building the management team that interacts with the community.

As his colleagues, we would like to thank him for his work after leading the initial phase of Nimbus per his contractual agreement. We wish him success in all of his endeavors.

We look forward to starting our Phase II under a new technical leadership for DeFi.



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