Enjoy at Least Twice as High APY for NBU Staking — Plus Numerous Benefits for the Entire Community

What was one of the fundamental reasons why DeFi attracted so many users?

You guessed it: staking! With DeFi, instead of simply holding your crypto in the wallet and waiting for its market value to grow, you could finally put it to work for a reward. In other words — stake it.

While Nimbus is introducing many other unique and very rewarding ways to leverage your crypto, staking is still the basic functionality we’ve started with. And now, we’re going to further enhance it and become one of the top 5 DeFi projects with the most attractive staking conditions. Here’s how:

Starting from today, 24th March 2021, and up until 24th May 2021, you can receive at least twice as many rewards from the Hard and Soft NBU Staking!

  • Current Soft Staking Reward of 5% will be increased to 10% — that’s a 2X increase!

Why do we do this now?

The Nimbus team constantly keeps exploring new ways for Gas fee optimization on the platform.

The final goal is to completely eliminate this issue by decreasing the gas fees by 10 times through the integration with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) — more about it here.

But until we get there, we’d like to offer you higher staking rewards as a way to make up for the high gas fees. Let all of you be at ease knowing that whatever fees you face along the way, you can always put some NBU in staking, and all of those fees shall be compensated with higher APY rewards.

But wait, there’s more!

  • More demand for NBU:
    This significant step shall not only improve the benefits of the existing users but also ensure a speedier inflow of new users due to the naturally incoming desire for such incredible Staking conditions. And yes, of course, this move is more than sustainable as the Nimbus tokenomics and business model allow for this increase.

As a result, not only those who decide to stake their NBUs will win. The entire community and the existing NBU token holders will enjoy a wide range of benefits straight away!

Now, here is extremely exciting news for those of you who are already staking NBU tokens:

If you have any NBUs staked as of today, the entirety of the rewards you have already received on it to date shall be recalculated based on the new APY level for that particular staking option. Meaning, you will receive at least twice as many rewards as you initially expected — even for all those days for which your tokens have been in staking until today!

Here are the new Staking conditions:

NBU Soft Staking at 10% APY:

  • Minimum staking deposit: no limitations

NBU Hard staking at 30% APY:

  • Minimum staking deposit: no limitations

NBU Hard staking at 40% APY

  • Minimum staking deposit: no limitations

So, what are you waiting for folks! The clock is ticking!

Start staking NBU now — only 60 days left! https://app.nimbusplatform.io/#/staking

Nimbus is a DAO-governed platform that offers 16 earning strategies for users boosted by multiple layers of risk-management. https://nimbusplatform.io/

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