DeFi news summary: What’s trending?

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2 min readApr 23, 2021


DeFi news summary: What's trending?

Hey Nimbus Community 👋

We are launching the Nimbus DeFi Weekly Newsletters, where we will cover the juiciest and most exciting pieces of news regarding the Crypto/DeFi industry! We will talk about how a particular news and event affects DeFi, Nimbus, and the community. This is also a space where you can tell us more about what YOU feel about these events.

Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Bitcoin Continues to Plummet below $50K as the Market Sell-off Continues!

While the steep fall in BTC’s share of crypto market by a whopping 51% has left many in a frenzy, many market participants are exceptionally calm. And DeFi seems to be the boat that is actually keeping them afloat, with many others turning towards Altcoin! Surely a positive for the overall DeFi market and hence, your Nimbus platform!

Give us your bets for the next week: it’ll continue to go down or will rebound?

  • Ethereum’s Gas limit hits 15 Million!

In an attempt to relieve transaction congestion, Ethereum miners have managed to raise almost 15 million as the first time record, especially now when on-chain activity is at a considerable high. Concerns about slow transactions and high gas costs have been a problem for market participants for quite some time now. While this certainly is a great piece of news, Nimbus users need not worry about high gas costs or inefficiencies in transactions! As our expansion on the Binance Smart chain inches closer, we are moving towards optimizing gas fees by up to 10X! And, until then, the high staking rewards up to 40% and harmonious functionalities on the Nimbus platform shall cover for that!

Do you think the fast growth of the DeFi industry is to blame?

  • Coinbase listed on Nasdaq — the first crypto-related company to debut on a major stock exchange.

Seems like your Nimbus platform will be in the news for something similar by 2022! As Nimbus potentially becomes one of the first DeFi projects to be listed on a top North American stock exchange, the entire Nimbus community shall stand at the intersection where advantages are inbound from both crypto and capital markets!

Do you think this is a major step in getting the institutional money flow into crypto — at least through the traditional capital market by now?

Alright, that’s it for today, folks!

Let us know which news digest you found the most interesting! Don’t forget to offer your thoughts in general. And until next time, Stay tuned!


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