A Blog Worth Reading Before We Say Goodbye to 2021

Hey Nimbus community,

Today we’ll dive into a story of how a 15-employee startup turned into a global company that operates across each and every continent with a 90-people headcount — and an evergrowing number of innovative products being launched every other month.

Yes, you’ve guessed it: it’s time to recap what Nimbus and its community has achieved in 2021 — and what’s next! Spoiler: expect to see a lot of juicy details about Nimbus products, roadmaps, tokenomics, cybersecurity approaches, global presence, partnerships, organizational efficiency, team dynamics — and much, much more!

But before we dive in, we would like to say that every effort, progress achieved, and milestone would never have been possible without your support and enthusiasm. Cheers to you, a community we are truly proud of!

Now let’s get started.

1. 15 products launched in 11 months

Do you remember how you spent your previous New Year’s Eve? We do! The entire Nimbus Team was working the extra hours to prepare the Nimbus Platform and its utilities for launch!

On January 27, the Nimbus Platform was born. Since then, we managed to launch 15 complicated blockchain-based products:

  1. Nimbus utility token, NBU
  2. Nimbus Swap
  3. Liquidity Providing & LP Staking block
  4. Staking block with 6 different staking options for NBU and GNBU
  5. Nimbus Analytics page
  6. Nimbus governance token, GNBU
  7. Nimbus DAO
  8. Peer-to-peer exchange
  9. All Nimbus functionality integration with Binance Smart Chain
  10. Wrap Machine
  11. Lend dApp
  12. Borrow dApp
  13. Nimbus Affiliate Program
  14. Mobile app
  15. n-NFT block: the first yield-generating NFTs on the market

Why these products, you may ask?

The key goal for us in 2021 was to build the foundational framework of the Nimbus Platform. The Swap and LP block, the Staking block, the Lending & Borrowing block, the n-NFT block — all these are infrastructural solutions. Yes, they can bring you yields here and now but from the technical point of view, they are extremely important as they’ll later be used as building blocks for tons of other developments. All we have to do is combine them — just like we did with Lending and Liquidity Providing for the Smart LP n-NFT. This way, we can create unprecedented tools that enhance yields and diversify risks. After all, that’s how we achieve our mission: serve as an easy and efficient access point to the best of DeFi.

2. Lessons learned: a streamlined approach to product development, audit, and testing

If we spread all those 13 products across the year, it would be more than 1 release per month. Normally launching that number of complex products would take you at least a couple of years. No wonder we’ve been struggling to meet the deadlines (and we’re sorry for that by the way). But hey, lessons learned! Thanks to those situations, we had a chance to become much, much stronger and polish our development process:

  1. Building on years and years of experience, we’ve developed a truly efficient approach to product development and testing. It all starts from market research and financial modeling, goes through coding by 3 different teams working in parallel according to SCRUM standards, then passes to an internal audit, pen-testing, audit by external firms, bug bounties, UX/UI focus groups and optimization — and finally, pre-launch on the testnet. Only then can we officially launch the functionality on the mainnet. This ensures maximized security, efficiency, and user-friendliness — as well as faster market adoption as a result.
  2. We’ve worked with the 4 best audit firms from across the globe — Zokyo, Hacken, Chaitin, and Certik — to find the perfect match. Now we keep working with a few of them at once. After all, DeFi is still an emerging industry and the code history is too young. The more experience and different perspectives you have, the higher the security.
  3. Finally, to support all of that, we’ve grown our technical team 5x — from 5 people to more than 25. And set up an entire audit and testing department. Now our product launches are much more frictionless.

3. Extended product roadmap and evolving high-level vision: focus on setting the trends, not just responding to them

In order to keep up with such a fast-evolving industry as DeFi, you need to be flexible — and attentive. No surprise our roadmap has evolved quite a bit since we first presented it in 2020. At first, we were adapting it to the market trends. For example, from our perspective, an arbitrage dApp is not the best way to create value for users in the current market conditions. But recently, we’ve changed our approach. Now we’re not just adapting: instead, we’re developing products that would actually shape the market itself.

How does that reflect on our roadmap?

First, we focus on launching customizable financial tools that basically do all the work for you — in a safe, decentralized, and extremely efficient manner.

The n-NFT line is the first example of such an approach. You simply pick a strategy that you want to leverage — for example, liquidity providing plus lending. All you have to do then is supply a preferred sum of assets. Done. They automatically start working for you in a number of dApps, accessing which would take you lots of effort otherwise. Plus with n-NFT, the strategy has been thought through by our experts with tens of years of experience. The tech has been built and audited by top teams in the space. The tokenomics have been carefully modeled to achieve optimal financial outcomes and balance the risks. You should still do your own research, but it’s all very much simplified for you already.

Why this approach? Because all our market research and experience points to the fact that DeFi is still too complex and not user-friendly, and most of the people worldwide just don’t get it… Or don’t want to get it — because it takes too much time to dive in. So why not be the ones who help people get the best from this world with much less effort?

Second, we are about to bring to DeFi new asset classes which are already widely adopted — and trusted.

We already have a few such tools in development but it’s still a bit too early to disclose all the details. Here’s a spoiler though. NFAT and NFIA — which are essentially new types of NFT that enable fractional ownership of very much desired assets — are something we’re betting on in this regard. Moreover, this time, you can expect a few major partnerships that will speed up both the development process and the adoption through the vast networks of our partners. We will share more on this in early 2022 but believe us — this will completely change the game of DeFi and NFT, and attract tons of attention to Nimbus in the near future.

4. Boosted organizational efficiency and growing worldwide adoption

While the technical side of our operations got fully upgraded — so did the rest of our processes. Here are a few highlights that certainly represent the progress we’ve made throughout 2021:

  • Our total value locked (TVL) reached over $7 966 480. This positions us among the top 10% DeFi projects by TVL. Our tokens have been included in over 10 ratings, including the CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and others — and listed at the major DEXs. And while these are already good achievements for the first year of operation, these numbers cannot even be compared with our projections for 2022.
  • We have brought in brilliant specialists from all around the world to our team — including our current CEO Alex Lemberg, who is already giving us a major boost with his vision, network, and amazing leadership. In fact with Alex, a new chapter of Nimbus has begun — and it promises to be extremely exciting for the entire industry.
  • We have been recognized by top media around the world, including Bloomberg, CNN, and others, and got featured in over 700 articles.
  • Our community has grown twofold and now spans across over 100 countries. We have also revised our communications and started sharing with you everything we can as fast as we can — including in local languages. We have also expanded our official support team so we can cover 4 languages: English, Spanish, Russian, and Hindi, and respond to you almost in real-time. We also expect Nimbus DAO to become truly functional in 2022 with your support and play a major role in directing the overall Platform development.
  • As part of our community engagement activities, we have also launched the Nimbus Academy — an educational initiative that provides actionable yet simple tips on how to benefit from DeFi. We have received great feedback from you so expect to see many more episodes in 2022: we just need a bit more resources to ramp it up, especially when all speakers are so busy with the great developments that are in our pipeline.
  • We are about to close a few major partnerships, including some big institutional players. Overall, you will see a major boost in business development in 2022 as according to our current strategy, that is one of the key focuses. After all, why not leverage all the great connections that we have to speed up our growth? Of course, the existing Nimbus community will be the major beneficiary of this.

All in all, expect 2022 to be the year of Nimbus activation — both for our product line, for our tokens, for our worldwide adoption — and the quality of what we do and how we do it. We have learned plenty in 2021 and with our dream team, we are now ready to move forward as fast as possible and upgrade both DeFi and the traditional financial markets.

Happy New Year to you and your families, and see you in 2022 — it’ll be epic!




DAO-governed platform that offers 16 earning strategies for users boosted by multiple layers of risk-management. https://link.nimbusplatform.io/medium

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DAO-governed platform that offers 16 earning strategies for users boosted by multiple layers of risk-management. https://link.nimbusplatform.io/medium

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