We are happy to announce the #2 edition of our Bug Bounty Program on Hacken Platform. The security of the Nimbus Platform is of the highest priority for the Nimbus team. We hope to involve the larger developer and researcher user base from among our community to help strengthen the Platform’s infrastructure and smart contracts. And, of course, get rewards for it.

Bug Bounty #2 Program Duration

The Bug Bounty begins on September 15th, 2021, and is scheduled to end on December 31st, 2021.

However, if enough bug bounty hunters are able to find vulnerabilities and the reward fund of the program is exhausted, the…

Fintech industry, including DeFi and crypto are pioneering segments that are not only changing the landscape of industries — they are changing lives. Cryptocurrencies are revolutionary, and we at Nimbus believe that even revolutions need rules.

As a leading global company in digital assets and Fintech and the greater crypto community, we see it as our duty to collaborate with regulators and help create regulations that would benefit everyone.

Thus, we have sent an open letter to the National Securities Market Commission of Spain(CNMV) offering our extensive experience and knowledge in the development of a robust regulatory framework. …

Lending dApp Description

Lending dApp allows the user to lend their tokens to other users and receive income in the form of APR in the equivalent of the lent token. The tokens that users lend in the Lending dApp are used for loans in the Borrowing dApp (for more details on the functionality of this dApp, see the Borrowing dApp Guide, which will be published soon). It is also worth mentioning that the user can withdraw their tokens at any time.

The tokens available for use can be seen by clicking the Open button in the dApp — Lend window in the “dApps”…

The Wrap machine is a software product that can be used for transferring NBU (utility token of the Nimbus platform) and GNBU (governance token of the Nimbus platform) tokens from the Ethereum Mainnet to the Binance Smart Chain and vice versa. The network charges gas fees for this action:

  • Wrapping gas fee, which is calculated in those tokens (ERC-20 or BEP-20) that the user wants to transfer from one network to another;
  • Confirmation gas fee required by the wallet and calculated either in ETH or in BNB, depending on the standard of the token that the user wants to convert;

Program description

P2P Exchange dApp provides the user with the opportunity to buy or sell cryptocurrency at a lucrative rate without the involvement of intermediaries. The service acts as a crypto-asset exchange with a mechanism that ensures all transactions are carried out directly between two parties involved in the exchange (the general view of the interface is shown in Figure 1).

The Nimbus Referral program provides each member (Referrer) with the opportunity to receive Rewards for certain actions performed by the new members of the Program (Referees) that they invited.

The Referral program consists of 6 levels and implies 3 types of Rewards:

  1. Acquisition Reward: a Reward equal to 10% of the tokens acquired by the first level Referees through the “Referral” section of the Platform;
  2. Swap Reward: a Reward of up to 0.15% from the Swap transactions done by Referees at any of the six levels;
  3. Staking Reward: an additional Reward for NBU Staking.

It is worth mentioning that the…

Hey Nimbus Community,

We have 2 important updates today!

First of all, the Lending-Borrowing dApp and the P2P Exchange will be launched in a reverse order. The P2P Exchange will be deployed next week (the goal is July 13) and the Lending-Borrowing dApp will follow later, at the end of July. The reason is that we need to polish a couple more things in the Borrowing dApp but the P2P Exchange is already good to go.

Second, we know how tiring it is to wait. Really! And since Nimbus is an ever growing cross-chain solution and the launch timelines are…

Today we have a few important updates for you regarding the upcoming launches. The deployment of the Nimbus Platform on BSC was followed shortly by 4 listings in less than 14 days — on PancakeSwap DEX, CoinGecko, MathWallet, and Bitkeep Wallet. So we can say with much certainty that this month has been quite productive.

Now all eyes are on the three upcoming launches: the Wrap Machine, the Lending-Borrowing dApp, and the P2P Exchange.

We understand the enthusiasm and eagerness of our community for these functionalities to go live. We also acknowledge that in the past, we were only able…

According to NEWSBTC, Nimbus Platform represents one of the most attractive Staking opportunities in DeFi.

In order for you to make the most out of it, we are launching a new Staking guide. It is fitted to the new interface design as well as answers your key questions about the minimum staking periods, how rewards are accrued, the staking conditions on BSC, and more!

Here’s what you will learn from this guide:

  • What is Staking - and how the rewards are calculated?
  • The difference between Nimbus Soft & Hard Staking
  • Current Staking Conditions
  • How to stake your NBU & GNBU…

The current market conditions have been rather mellow. To offer you an exciting relief from the bearish market, we are introducing a strong gesture!

The Staking rewards are lifted even higher until 25 June 2021!⚡️🤩

•NBU Hard Staking for 180 days — 80% APY
•NBU Hard Staking for 60 days — 60% APY
•NBU Soft Staking — 10% APY

•GNBU Hard Staking for 180 days — 36% APY
•GNBU Hard Staking for 90 days — 28% APY
•GNBU Soft Staking — 10% APY

Increased Staking conditions:

  1. The Increased APY will be accessible BOTH at the Ethereum and BSC versions of the Platform until 25 June 2021.
  2. After June 25, the APY will go back…

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