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Some governance tokens’ value grows by thousands of percent in just a few months. As the market shows, even mediocre governance tokens reach astonishing heights — partially, due to the bull market and the crashing economies.

But Nimbus governance token’s success does not rely on the DeFi hype and the short-term market conditions. Why? There are at least 5 reasons for that — find them below.

Why does Nimbus Launch a Governance Token?

The Nimbus team’s ultimate goal is to create THE DeFi Ecosystem that would offer the most rewarding and transparent financial tools and meet the users’ needs worldwide.

2021 will be a year that Nimbus explores in-depth our identity as a multi-chain platform. As part of our mission to make DeFi inclusive and our users’ experience on the Nimbus platform rewarding and convenient, we shall be solidifying our integration with Binance by supporting the Binance Smart Chain. Nimbus shall not only have a wider ecosystem with our presence strong on both Ethereum and Binance networks, but we will also be bringing new and incredible prospects for our users with this integration.

Nimbus shall soon become a multi-chain protocol with our launch on Binance Smart Chain. In addition to…

DeFi news summary: What's trending?

Hey Nimbus Community 👋

We are launching the Nimbus DeFi Weekly Newsletters, where we will cover the juiciest and most exciting pieces of news regarding the Crypto/DeFi industry! We will talk about how a particular news and event affects DeFi, Nimbus, and the community. This is also a space where you can tell us more about what YOU feel about these events.

Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Bitcoin Continues to Plummet below $50K as the Market Sell-off Continues!

While the steep fall in BTC’s share of crypto market by a whopping 51% has left many in a frenzy, many market…

Dear Nimbus Community,

There has been so much activity around your Nimbus platform lately. The past few months have been truly thrilling, with Nimbus picking up gradual momentum. As we progress, we are expanding horizons, exploring new opportunities, partnerships, collaborations, demand, and so much more. Things began quite gently, but now that we are on full speed more, we have many updates to reveal!

Our CEO, Jorge Sebastiao, is quite a talk of the DeFi town. As the main Nimbus representative, Jorge has attracted the attention of acclaimed event organizers who wish to have him as a key speaker in…

Here’s a strong dose of Nimbus Thursday excitement for you folks!

Lately, quite a few Turkish influencers have spread content about Nimbus and the number of our local followers has been going up pretty fast. Now, we have officially decided to focus on Turkey as one of our key markets!🌍

As you probably have noticed, the Nimbus Website is already available in Turkish — click on «Türkçe» on the top-right corner to check it out: https://nimbusplatform.io/. The Platform is also underway.

Moreover, right now, our Team is presenting Nimbus at a major Turkish Blockchain event: BlockchainWave (https://blockchainwave.org/en). Our CEO, Jorge…

We know there is a lot of excitement to unpack with the upcoming release of the Nimbus Peer-to-peer Exchange, Binance Smart Chain integration, and the Lending-Borrowing dApp! Your Nimbus Platform currently offers several rewarding mechanisms to leverage your NBUs, and more are on their way. But don’t forget about the super rewarding and fundamental functionality that’s already in place — the NBU staking with increased rewards.

As you probably remember, starting from 24th of April 2021 to 24th of May 2021, you have an incredible opportunity to receive up to 3 times more rewards for your NBU staking!

  • The original…

Before launching any and every Nimbus functionality, your Nimbus Team does an extensive analysis of the best periods and conditions in the market. The analysis is done solely to align the launches with the most suitable time within the market and create the best of opportunities possible for our community.

Following a recent exploration, we have decided that it shall be logical to release the Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp to the public later. …

Today, we are thrilled to introduce the Lending-Borrowing dApp that has been released on our Github, folks! You can check the code here now, and as soon as the audit is finished, you will find it on the Nimbus Platform as well!

All details on how you can participate to enjoy the maximum benefits of this functionality shall be released shortly. Until then, here is a brief overview of the dApp:

What is the Lending-Borrowing dApp — and why it’s much more than just a dApp?

In very simple terms, the Lending-Borrowing dApp enables users to lend and borrow digital…

We are thrilled to announce that the Nimbus Bug Bounty program is about to kick-off!

Those of you who find bugs in the Nimbus code before July 1 can receive Rewards from a Total Fund of 50,000 NBU! Find more detail below:

Our highest priority is the security and efficiency of all Nimbus solutions. That’s why we are offering an opportunity to our community members to submit your inputs for scaling the security of the platform.

But of course, we want to show our appreciation towards our bug hunters. …

What was one of the fundamental reasons why DeFi attracted so many users?

You guessed it: staking! With DeFi, instead of simply holding your crypto in the wallet and waiting for its market value to grow, you could finally put it to work for a reward. In other words — stake it.

While Nimbus is introducing many other unique and very rewarding ways to leverage your crypto, staking is still the basic functionality we’ve started with. And now, we’re going to further enhance it and become one of the top 5 DeFi projects with the most attractive staking conditions. …

Nimbus Platform

Nimbus is a DAO-governed ecosystem of dApps which generate multiple revenue streams based on real-world use cases — from P2P lending to IPOs & Crowdfunding.

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