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Some governance tokens’ value grows by thousands of percent in just a few months. As the market shows, even mediocre governance tokens reach astonishing heights — partially, due to the bull market and the crashing economies.

But Nimbus governance token’s success does not rely on the DeFi hype and the short-term market conditions. Why? There are at least 5 reasons for that — find them below.

Why does Nimbus Launch a Governance Token?

The Nimbus team’s ultimate goal is to create THE DeFi Ecosystem that would offer the most rewarding and transparent financial tools and meet the users’ needs worldwide.

According to NEWSBTC, Nimbus Platform represents one of the most attractive Staking opportunities in DeFi. Now that our community asked us to keep the up to 80% APY Staking rewards for another 1,5 weeks, this is a perfect chance to enjoy these conditions!

In order for you to make the most out of it, we are launching a new Staking guide. It is fitted to the new interface design as well as answers your key questions about the minimum staking periods, how rewards are accrued, the staking conditions on BSC, and more!

Here’s what you will learn from this guide:

Program Description

The Nimbus Referral program provides each member (Referrer) with the opportunity to receive Rewards for certain actions performed by the new members of the Program (Referees) that they invited.

The Referral program consists of 6 levels and implies 3 types of Rewards:

  1. Acquisition Reward: a Reward equal to 10% of the tokens acquired by the first level Referees through the “Referral” section of the Platform;
  2. Swap Reward: a Reward of up to 0.15% from the Swap transactions done by Referees at any of the six levels;
  3. Staking Reward: an additional Reward for NBU Staking.

Important Notice About Switching Between Platforms

It is worth mentioning that the…

Hey Nimbus Community,

We have 2 important updates today!

First of all, the Lending-Borrowing dApp and the P2P Exchange will be launched in a reverse order. The P2P Exchange will be deployed next week (the goal is July 13) and the Lending-Borrowing dApp will follow later, at the end of July. The reason is that we need to polish a couple more things in the Borrowing dApp but the P2P Exchange is already good to go.

Second, we know how tiring it is to wait. Really! And since Nimbus is an ever growing cross-chain solution and the launch timelines are…

Today we have a few important updates for you regarding the upcoming launches. The deployment of the Nimbus Platform on BSC was followed shortly by 4 listings in less than 14 days — on PancakeSwap DEX, CoinGecko, MathWallet, and Bitkeep Wallet. So we can say with much certainty that this month has been quite productive.

Now all eyes are on the three upcoming launches: the Wrap Machine, the Lending-Borrowing dApp, and the P2P Exchange.

We understand the enthusiasm and eagerness of our community for these functionalities to go live. We also acknowledge that in the past, we were only able…

The current market conditions have been rather mellow. To offer you an exciting relief from the bearish market, we are introducing a strong gesture!

The Staking rewards are lifted even higher until 25 June 2021!⚡️🤩

Here are the ultra-boosted Staking APY levels for you —

•NBU Hard Staking for 180 days — 80% APY
•NBU Hard Staking for 60 days — 60% APY
•NBU Soft Staking — 10% APY

•GNBU Hard Staking for 180 days — 36% APY
•GNBU Hard Staking for 90 days — 28% APY
•GNBU Soft Staking — 10% APY

Increased Staking conditions:

  1. The Increased APY will be accessible BOTH at the Ethereum and BSC versions of the Platform until 25 June 2021.
  2. After June 25, the APY will go back…

Following the Nimbus Platform launch on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), we know many of you have a lot of questions.

In this post, we will provide the answers to the key ones:

  1. How to access the BSC version of the Nimbus Platform?
  2. How to switch between the Ethereum and BSC versions of the Platform?
  3. How to see your NBU & GNBU tokens of the BEP-20 standard?

But before we do that, let us quickly remind you WHY you cannot miss this opportunity — and why we initiated this integration in the first place.

Why you should definitely use Nimbus on BSC — and get some fresh NBU & GNBU tokens of BEP-20 standard?

This integration opens up a lot of…

Welcome to the Nimbus Event Dubai highlights!

While many events are simultaneously occurring in the DeFi terrain, the month of May here at Nimbus has been incredible. Why do we say that? You shall see in a moment!

Today, we feel proud to show you a glimpse of all the events around Nimbus’s expo in Dubai! This was a time of mainstream visibility for Nimbus. Our efforts helped Nimbus gain tremendous coverage and traction for the months to come! So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Nimbus Team Strategic Offsite: 16–24 May 2021

Much like our ever-growing community, the Nimbus team continues to rapidly grow bigger to cover more and more activities. We are…

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As some of you may be aware, El Pais journalist, Joaquin Gil, published what can only be described as a fictional story about our former CEO, Andrea Zanon, written against all rules of journalism. The team behind Nimbus cannot let it pass to harm the users and devalue the efforts invested into bringing the Nimbus Platform to life.

Below you can find the vision of the situation which is proved by facts:

1) Creating an investigation without asking for first-hand data

First, Mr. Gil never reached out to Nimbus representatives for facts.

2021 will be a year that Nimbus explores in-depth our identity as a multi-chain platform. As part of our mission to make DeFi inclusive and our users’ experience on the Nimbus platform rewarding and convenient, we shall be solidifying our integration with Binance by supporting the Binance Smart Chain. Nimbus shall not only have a wider ecosystem with our presence strong on both Ethereum and Binance networks, but we will also be bringing new and incredible prospects for our users with this integration.

Nimbus shall soon become a multi-chain protocol with our launch on Binance Smart Chain. In addition to…

Nimbus Platform

Nimbus is a DAO-governed platform that offers 16 earning strategies for users boosted by multiple layers of risk-management. https://nimbusplatform.io/

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